Accrue has partnered with Sentinel Trust to provide a thoroughly professional service, from drafting wills to setting up of trusts to protect minors, the elderly and people with special needs. Our Lifestyle Financial Planning process will assist you to dispose of your assets on death in a manner that best takes care of your dependents and loved ones and will help to ensure your estate has sufficient liquidity to carry out the wishes expressed in your will. A failure to perform proper estate planning, can result in dependents not being looked after financially and assets not being bequeathed as intended.

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Investment Planning involves assessin your financil needs

Investment Planning

Involves the assessment of a person’s financial needs and objectives and how they will be met. 

Retirement planning advice

Retirement Planning

At its simplest, this is the financial planning that is done to ensure a person’s lifestyle can be maintained after retirement from work. The earlier in life this planning starts the better the end result.  

Risk planning for life's unexpected events.

Risk Planning

The purpose of risk planning is to protect an individual and his/her dependents from the financial impact of life’s unexpected events such as death, disability and critical illness.

Offshore bamking is a sound diversification policy

Offshore Banking & Investments

This allows for global diversification of investment assets and currencies, plus the convenience of associated offshore banking services. Diversification is an essential component of sound financial planning. 


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